Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time!!

So I have to admit it... I am a total cheese ball when it comes to Christmas and the holidays! I love all the simply joy of it and silly songs, the smells, everything, really, if it is about Christmas I am in... So we went to the Santa Maria Christmas parade this Saturday and I have to admit, that I was actually a bit hesitant, despite my given obsession. Last year it was a bit of a let down, not exactly what I had remembered from all those years ago... Anyways away we go to the parade, thermos of hot cocoa, and bags of cookies in tote, yes it was already that amazing. Well, I have to admit that I was so, so pleased by my very Merry Christmas parade experience this year. Isaac not only was wearing a Brobee sweatshirt(from Yo Gabba Gabby, duh), but my prego sister and her family joined us. Nathan and Isaac had such a good time, they even tried to be part of the parade a couple of times... silly boys! I think that this is the beginning of a very beautiful relationship that I am going to have, and an obsession that I am looking forward to passing on to my child, well maybe a great tradition of Christmases to come at least. Isaac was so cute saying "Memmy mispis people(see last entry)", and "hi mispis people" waving as they passed. I must say he was quite the candy cane swindeler! I love it. And then as the parade started to dwindle down I had a moment to just sit back and look around, autumn leaves were on the ground, everyone was all bundled up and drinking their warm scrumptious drinks just as they should be, kids runnung around. People were just having a genuine nice family time enjoying the holidays the way I think we should with the simple wonder of it all... Yes, it was a good weekend!

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Moore Fam said...

Christmas gets funner and funner as the little kids get older, huh? It gets magical again. Let's hang out sometime! I think I lost your number. We're making chrismas cookies one day next week- you should come! Call me!!! 598-1776. Wow, that is such a huge blog no-no. Oh well. :)